Bowron Lakes

Type of transport: Canoe
Length of Trip: 6 Days
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6 days in the Canadian wilderness, canoeing in and out of valleys and through mountain ranges with good mates and breath taking views.
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Discovered by Chris


First of all you must decide well in advance when you want to do this trip, bookings are essential as it's usually booked out at least a month in advance. This is a good thing though as the rangers cap the amount of people on the lakes at any one time so often you will go hours or even a whole day without seeing any other groups. Depending on fitness levels (and motivation) the trip will take you around 5 - 7 days. We took our own 3 man Canoe and life jackets but you can definitely hire good quality canoes and jackets there, I'm not sure on the price though. We did however hire a canoe cart which I would definitely recommend, the portage sections of the circuit are deceptively long and trying to carry all your shit as well as canoe over these sections would be a pain in the ass. They let two groups off every day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and from memory i think about 4 or 5 canoes are in each group, you will soon lose sight of almost everyone you set off with and you'll feel like you have the whole place to yourselves. The campgrounds are usually pretty quiet, sometimes there are other groups there, especially at the larger ones around the rapids section of the lakes, and other times you have the whole site to yourself. Notable animals that we sore along the way were a black bear scratching around a campsite while we were canoeing past, and couple of moose. My mate brought a fishing rod with him to catch us some protein but failed miserably. There is definitely fish out there though.

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Carrying lots of beers is a bad idea, they're heavy and they'll go warm. You can take liquor with you easy enough but for this trip we opted for a bag of BC's finest. Make sure you book in advance and I'm pretty sure its only open in the warmer months. You'll see a ranger cruze past on a boat every couple of days so your never too far away from help. The campsites have bear proof boxes at them so make sure you put your food in them, the black bears in the area are pretty timid but the last thing you want is one of those fuckers scratching at your tent at night trying to get your bacon. You can also light campfire at night even through the summer months.

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Makes sure you take plenty of sunscreen and bug spray and pack for all seasons. It can get chilly at night. We went in late July and had good weather but i can only assume it could get rainy and cold through out these times as well.

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